Python essay

Burmese Pythons are changing the Everglades by killing local animals attracting people from the country and disrupting the eco system. Its becoming a big problem for the floridans and there homes. There is a program set up to reward people for hunting pythons.
The python is a fantastic animal even if it’s endangered the eco system. It’s a snake with a Beautiful pattern on its skin it when full grown it can reach amazing sizes. In an article from Matt Piven it says “growing to an astounding length of 23 feet and a weight up to 200 pounds” this is why people fear them.

But these animals are destroying the ecosystem by praying on the animals it depends on. In an article by Andrew Ng he says “with no natural predators these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge number of possums raccoons and bobcats as well as many bird species.” This is why they need to be diminished from the Everglades.
This crisis is also affecting humans to, they will send uneducated people out to hunt the pythons for sport. In the segment it said “for thirty says people who have never even seen a pythons hunting them in the Everglades.” This could endanger the other hunters with the chance that some won will shot anyone else.

It changes the animals to its killing mass amounts of possums and birds and native animals. It says “tens and thousands of these pythons have been released in to the wild.” And “wiping out huge numbers of possums raconteur and bobcats.” This supports my answer.
This is all supporting the fact that Burmese pythons are changing the ecosystem by killing many animals that support it. And changing animals by killing mass amounts of native animals. Changing humans by sending them out to hunt pythons. This is big problem in Florida we need to fix.

Should we own a part of space

I think owning land in outer space is a good idea because it would solve some of our problems on earth. It would help with over population. It would create many jobs. And there is plenty of room. There is no reason we shouldn’t be colonizing the moon. Owning land in space is reassuring the human races survival.

The lack of jobs is a serious problem all over the globe. If we consider moving to even the moon we will need may people to work. We need people to build the houses, business , and all of the structures. We also need a way to transport people safely and efficiently. We need a way to contain a enough oxygen to supply the planets for animals, food , and us. And then we need people to work at the schools business and other jobs. We could take people of the street educate them and send them out.

Why shouldn’t we make home in space it’s not like there’s not enough room. There is an ever expanding universe of empty or possibly life filled planets we could be at. Scientists say there is many habitable places in this universe. And this planet will eventually blow. Won’t you fell better if you know that your family for many generations will de safe on a different planet?

You have heard of over population in China, they had to slaughter kids because there wasn’t enough space. But out there there is plenty space if we colonize the moon we won’t have to worry about over population for hundreds of years. And when we need more space there are plenty of other planets to colonize. We shouldn’t be killing newborns when we could be making millions of lives on a different planets.

Others say because we destroyed our planet we shouldn’t destroy others. But I say here is a way to easily avoid this, show the people what we have done to our planet. And In force a set of laws to protect the other planets. And they people who brake the law have the same punishments as a normal law breaker. There is no reason we should not be vacation on Mars.

There are no reason we should be spread across the galaxy. There are many benefits we would never need to even need to think about over population. It’s not like there’s no room scientists evidence says it’s ever expanding universe we can’t we expand with it. It would triple the amount of jobs needed for each planet. We could be wondering the galaxy instead of struggling on earth.

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